Meet Our Team

Team Member

Pablo Castro

Strategy and Vision

Pablo started Intelygente® to give brands what the really need: smart marketing strategies, clever and flexible communication, and truly memorable content.

Team Member

Toña González

Creativity and Design

Toña leads our Intelygente® Branding 2.0 revolution, bringing together her design skills and strategic expertise to build the brands of the future.

Team Member

Andrés Beltrán


Andrés manages all details of our productions with meticulous precision and a resourceful mindset, ensuring the highest levels of quality.

Team Member

Carlos Díaz


Carlos is an expert in editing, Visual Effects, 3D animation and more. No wonder we call him "Mr. Post".

Team Member

Santiago Alarcón

Animation and Sound

A designer at heart, Santiago creates appealing brand communications, illustrates storyboards, designs titles and basically applies his aesthetic instinct to everything we do.

Team Member

Jorge Ariza

Administrative Director

Our Administrative Director brings to Intelygente® more than two decades of experience as an Operations Director at one of the country's leading banks.

How We Work

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Everthing we can do

Since we're a blend between ad agency, camera crew and production studio, our offering encompasses a wide scope of services related to branding, advertising creativity, corporate video, commercial photography, and digital marketing.


Your brand is your baby: it needs a good name, proper upringing, and someone to nurture it so it can grow healthy and strong. At Intelygente® we've raised enough of these babies to know what works and what doesn't.

Brand Creation
Logo Design
Cross-Media Creativity
English + Spanish Copywriting
Graphic Design
Experience Engineering
Package Design
Marketing Consulting


In today's world, audiovisuals are your brand's voice: they're how people hear about you, they're how you express your point of view, and they're the perfect vehicle to establish a dialogue with your audience.

Promotional Videos
Corporate Videos
Music Videos
Interactive Videos
Brand Manifestos
Animated Infographics
2D Animations
3D Animations
Whiteboard Animations
Web Series
360 Degree Videos (VR)
Aerial Drone Videos
Event Videos
TV Commercials
Podcasts & Radio Spots


From straight-forward, white-background product photography, to elaborate advertising campaigns with models in exotic locations, we make sure to deliver an impactful and original visual identity for your brand.

Advertising Photography
Product Photography
Corporate Photography
Corporate Image Banks
Photography for Social Media
Event Photography
360 Degree Photography
Aerial Photography


Your content may be spectacular, but what if nobody sees it? That's why at Intelygente® we've learned how to attract the right target to your brand's experience.

Web Design
Web Content
SEM (Google Adwords)
Social Media
The difference between 'brand' and 'logo'

Why do I need a Branding Expert?

It's very common for our start-up clients to already have a name and a logo in mind, usually drawn on a napkin at a moment of creative inspiration. That's totally fine: usually these ideas are the spark that ignites a global brand. But they're just a small piece of the branding puzzle. Here's a useful diagram we use to show branding newcomers everything that's involved in building a strong brand.

Our Clients

Some of the lovely and amazing brands we've worked with.

Getty Images
Di Paola
Min Tic
Prosperidad para todos
Vive Digital
Volks Wagen
Exxon Mobil
Area Cuadrada
Spring In The Air
Flores Funza
¿Why NOT work with us?

We're based in cost-efficient Bogotá, Colombia
and we work with clients globally.