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Intelygente: Audiovisual Branding Pioneers

We're the ideal blend of Video Production Company + Photography Studio + Branding/Marketing Agency.


Your brand can conquer the world in 4 steps:

Strategic Creativity

Branding, marketing strategy, advertising creativity, graphic design and customer experience engineering.

Video Production

Production of corporate videos, camera crew for all types of videos, promotional shorts, commercials, 2D and 3D animations, web series, 360 degree (VR) videos, aerial drone footage.

Commercial Photography

Product photography, advertising photography, corporate image banks, visual content for websites and social networks.

Digital Marketing

Search, display and video campaigns for Google Adwords, on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and more. Memorable and effective transmedia creativity.

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There's always a smarter, more 'Intelygente' way to do everything. 

Why work with us? Because we blend Creative Design, Visual Story-telling Talent and Marketing Expertise.


Our camera crew and editing/design staff has been producing branded content for more than 8 years, yet we still have that extra Oomph! only a newcomer can deliver. We've been fortunate enough to work with the likes of Intel, Google, Chevrolet, Liberty Insurance, ExxonMobil, United Nations and many more.  

Strategic Vision

We think before we do. Sounds obvious, right? Well, many don't: they just use the same old formula and off they go. We research, we analyze, we talk to people, we huff and we puff and we blow the roof off your business challenge.'

We're Transmedia

ATL or BTL? Online or Offline? Massive or direct? B2B or B2C? And the list goes on. But when you have a great idea, all these categories become roadkill.  

Resourceful and Creative

In marketing, as in life, it's all about solving problems gracefully. For each challenge you throw at us, we have a thousand solutions (at least).'

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We offer very competitive fees for Branding 2.0, digital marketing, graphic design, promotional videos, corporate documentaries, case studies, web series, animated Gifs, microvideos for social media, 2D and 3D animations, 360 degree Virtual Reality videos, commercial photography, product photography, and aerial video and photography.  

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Intelygente by the numbers


Projects delivered


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Problems Solved


Disappointed Clients

¿Is it a bird? ¿A plane?
¡No! It's our SuperTeam.

On their websites, everyone's team is super-smart, talented and oh-so-experienced. Well, so is ours. The difference is we work harder. Much harder.  

Team Member
Pablo Castro
Captain, my captain.
Team Member
Toña González
Design Guru
Team Member
Andrés Beltrán
Production Ninja
Team Member
Carlos Díaz
Post-production Wizard
Team Member
Santiago Alarcón 
Animation Freak
Team Member
Jorge Ariza
Back-Office Master
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Congratulations, not everyone scrolls all the way to the bottom. You must be like us: we need to get to the bottom of everything, no matter how much effort it requires. But that's just it: this is NOT the end. Perhaps this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Or at least a lovely business relationship. So drop us a line (stop resisting the urge).